Sorry for the silence...

But I kind of have a good excuse....I had a baby! She arrived on 11/14. 8 days early.

I'm going to try to keep up with STK but for now I'm not doing a ton of cooking. We are pretty much eating the freezer meals I made a few weeks back. Which, I must say have been a Godsend. Also, many of our fantastic friends have brought over food which has been awesome too.

You can check out my freezer meals here and here .

To tide you over until I get back in the test kitchen here is a recipe for a great crockpot dinner from Sunset Magazine. It was really easy and tasty. The leftovers were good too.

Serve with: sauteed carrots and asparagus risotto {from Trader Joe's}

Cooks notes: I didn't have sage so used thyme. Also, I strained the sauce before serving to make it smooth. The milk makes it a little chunky.


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