A months worth of dinners in 2 days! {Part 1- the prep}

Part 1 - The PREP WORK

Since our little bundle of joy will be arriving soon (3 weeks!) I decided it was about time that I stocked up on freezer meals. I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to do this but am now just getting around to it.

Believe it or not, it was pretty easy. You just have to be prepared and dedicate the time. It took me about 6 straight hours of marathon cooking but I know the time invested will pay off later when we are sleep deprived. Once the baby arrives all we will have to do is pop the premade stuff in the oven or microwave. That's it!

I know we could just buy frozen dinners or order take out but making the meals yourself is much healthier and saves money.

The plan:

1. Buy containers so you can portion out the meals. I love the ones they have at Dollar Tree. I get the aluminum trays, plastic soup containers and zip top bags. I noticed that at Dollar Tree only certain types of the plastic containers are microwave safe so be sure to read the label. I spent $15 on all of the packaging and have a few left over if I decide to make more meals later on.

2. Go shopping! Have your list prepared for what you need at the grocery store. If you forget anything its going to put a cramp in the marathon session. FYI- the grocery bill for all the meals I made was $122. Not bad.

3. Got freezer space? Hopefully you have an extra freezer in the garage like we do. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the recipes so you can make your grocery list and get started!


  1. What recipes did you make? Is that coming in part II?

  2. I am impressed. Looking forward to recipes.

  3. isn't tomorrow yet???? i'm waiting for the menu!!! I do this on occasion, but definitely on a much smaller scale. I'll cook 3-4 dinners on a Sunday or Monday to get us by thru the week. it is alot of prep work, but it pays off to have that extra time when u get home from work to just relax!!!

  4. We're getting ready for baby #2 in 2 mos. Looking at this post again for inspiration!