STK Favorites: Kitchen tools

Last week I showed you a few of my favorite kitchen appliances. Now, I wanted to share two of my must have kitchen tools! Seriously...I cant live without these.

Messermeister take apart kitchen shears

I had never thought kitchen sears would really be something I would use much in the kitchen..until I actually bought a pair. Now, I wonder how I lived without them! I use these for so many things. From snipping herbs into small pieces (easier then getting out a cutting board and knife) to breaking down a whole chicken.

The reason I really like the Messermeister brand is because the scissor blades can be taken apart. This is great for food safety reasons because it allows for more complete cleaning. After you cut up raw chicken you don't want any of the meat or potential bacteria getting caught in the joint. Right? These pull apart really easily and can be thrown in the dishwasher.

Microplane grater/zester

The microplane is another awesome tool you must have in your kitchen stockpile. I use this puppy all the time. Its great for turning parmesan and other hard cheeses into piles of fluffy goodness and also for zesting citrus and grating spices.

If you want to add these to your kitchen they can be purchased directly from Amazon though my STK Favorites list!


  1. Both are favorites of mine, too! I have Wusthof shears, which can also be taken apart, and I agree it's an indispensable feature. Those and my trusty tongs - I can't live without them! [I actually just ordered a second pair of tongs... :-) ]

  2. I love my Henckel kitchen shears. They also save me lots of struggling to open plastic packages that seem to be stronger than me.

  3. The microplane grater is a great additon to the kitchen... so many uses... I use it when I want to make a garlic paste and as a zester, "nothing compares to you"...lol