Ive been away...sorry!!

I know, I know...I've been a bad blogger for the past few weeks. Sorry friends! I have good reason if it makes a difference. First my Pops came up to San Francisco for a visit (and to help us with some home improvements...Woohoo!) then we road tripped down to Orange Couny where I spent a week with the fam. Then we hit the road again for a leisurely 3 day drive back to SF.

First we stopped in Solvange which is a super cute town. Then spent another day in Carmel where we celebrated my Moms birthday. We just got back last night and now im recovering from my 2 week adventure. Phew! I have to admit...its good to be home and back in my bed.

In addition to my trip down south I have some heart breaking news. My beloved horse, Arvis had to be put to sleep on Thursday. Ive had him for 20 years! I know, we have all probably lost a pet at one time or another but he was more than that. We literally grew up together. I was 13 and he was 4. I spent my childhood and teen years at the barn with my buddy. He was a best friend and took care of me like I was his baby. Over the years we spent most of our time competing on the horse show circuit all over California. He was a true champion...hence the nickname, Marvelous Arvis. :)

I have to say...if it wasn't for horseback riding I definitely wouldn't be the person I am today. It taught me time management, organization, discipline and respect. We were a team for many years and i'll miss that so much. Even though he has been retired for a few years now he still lived on my parents ranch and was a huge part of our lives. Im going to miss him desperately. Im grateful to have had the chance to say goodbye before he went to horse heaven.

This is us in our heyday

The last pics I have of him a few days before he left us.

Im gonna miss you boy!

I have lots of blog updates coming...stay tuned.


  1. Sarah sorry to hear about the loss of your horse. What a beautiful horse.
    Sending you lots of Love and Smiles ~ Heather Wright

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you've lost such a great friend. Thinking of you!