Food Safety bill passes!!

As mentioned yesterday the Food Safety bill (HR 2749) was up for a re vote in the house. After a second time around...it passed!!! Now its on its way to President Obamas desk. Hes a strong supporter so I know it will go all the way.

Im so excited for this. Our countries food safety system needs a serious overhaul and this is a huge leap into making it better.

Food Poisoning attorney Bill Marler puts it like this...

"The bill...will greatly strengthen the FDA’s power to regulate 80% of food economy. HR 2749 will give the FDA the power to order food recalls and set record-keeping standards for food facilities. It will mandate increased frequency of inspections and have the fees to pay for them. There will be stiffer criminal penalties and imports will have to meet the same standard as products produced in the US. What it certainly will do is reduce the enormous number of foodborne illness outbreaks, keep kids out of ICUs and off dialysis, and increase the overall safety of our food.

HR 2749 is the first meaningful food safety legislation in 50 years. It was time for the left to stop making perfect the enemy of good. It was time for the right to get out of the way of consumer protection in the name of industry protection. It was time for all of us to acknowledge that ensuring safety in a sprawling, global food system is not free, nor without pain. It was past time for every part of the food economy – regardless of size - to become part of the system, to share in the costs of the system, and to promote the safety of the system"

Couldnt have said it better myself :)

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  1. This makes me happy too. I was shocked to find out after reading Fast Food Nation that the FDA didn't have the power to order recalls. Yea for them.