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A few weeks ago I signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) fruit & veggie box through Farm Fresh to You. My first one just arrived and yummmmm...it looks amazing.

CSA's are great because you get super fresh, organic product delivered to your doorstep and at the same time you are supporting local farmers. You might be thinking..."well, isn't that expensive?" Actually, no its not. Im getting the small fruit and veggie box delivered every other week which is $23. That's only $11.50 per week im paying for a whole box full of awesome stuff. I definitely spend much more then that for sub par produce at the supermarket. Plus, most of the stuff at the grocery store can be from other countries and who knows how long ago it was harvested or how it was handled. At least with my CSA box I know where its from and that it was just picked fresh within the last day or so.

When I first opened the box..WOW! The smell was amazing. So fresh!

Here is what came in my box

Krimson Pears
Honeydew Melon
Summer Squash
Gypsy Peppers
Heirloom Tomatoes
Yellow Onions

Farm Fresh to You delivers all over Nor Cal and has a several different types of boxes to suit your needs. I picked the small box every other week because I was concerned that a larger box might be to much for 2 people. I can always change it later to something bigger if I find we are using it up quicker than anticipated.

If you want to see if they come to your neighborhood...check out their website. If they don't come to your area there are tons of other CSA's throughout the country.

Im going to cook my way through the box this week. I cant wait to try out some new recipes.

I also might look into meat which is local and raised without hormones or antibiotics. I hear you can buy a fraction of an animal and share the cost with people. Anyone do this?

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