STK product review: Foil sheets

I decided to start a "Try this" section of my blog which is dedicated to all my favorite kitchen tools and tips.

This first one you may think is pretty lame but...I must tell you, these foil sheets are pretty much a godsend. I use them daily and with pretty much every meal I make. Also, they are 100 times easier and more convenient then tin foil on the roll (plus no sharp edge to cut yourself on). These are the perfect size for lining a sheet pan, wrapping leftover food or covering a dish while in the oven.

I buy the Kirkland brand from Costco. They come 500 sheets per box and cost $12

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  1. I have cuts all over my hands from tin foil. We have a GIANT roll--like 2 feet wide--and it's a beech and a half to deal with. I will have to try these.