Tri tip w/ fresh corn salad and scallion cheddar cornbread

I was down in Palo Alto yesterday and stopped by Schaubs Meat and Poultry which is one of my favorite little butcher shops. They sell this tri tip called "Freds Steak" and it is ohhhhh sooo good! I have no idea what the secret marinade is but its tasty. After picking up some Freds Steak I stopped over at the produce stand next door and got some fresh white corn.

Ive been wanting to duplicate a corn salad I had at Karens Bakery Cafe in Folsom last week while out to lunch with my girl Kerry. It was so flipping good. I cant say my corn salad turned out as good as Karens but it wasn't bad. I need to tweak it a bit....if anyone can get me the recipe from Karens Bakery I will love you forever!

This dinner was super easy...not much cooking involved other than throwing tri tip in oven (375 for 35 min) and cooking corn and bread. Perfect for a weeknight meal.

You don't need to actually have "Fred Steak" to make this dinner. Any tri tip with your favorite marinade will do.

Corn Salad:

4 ears white corn (boil in water for 10 min, cut corn off cob and refrigerate)
2 tomato (diced)
1 cucumber (diced)
Salt & Pepper
Dash of balsamic

After corn has been cut off cob and cooled toss all ingredients together. Add balsamic to taste.

Corn bread:

I use the Marie Calendars brand mix. Its really good.

Toss in diced scallions and enough shredded cheese to suit your liking (I use about 1/2 cup). Bake according to package directions.

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