The un-BBQ'd rib

Over the past week or so I have been seeing droolworthy 4th of July recipes and menus plastered all over magazine covers and blogs. The one thing I noticed is that most of them seem to suggest that you actually need to BBQ something to have a great holiday. I beg to differ...

Don't get me wrong...I do love BBQ but sometimes its a hassle. Especially with ribs which is like my most favorite food ever and a popular thing to make for 4th of July gatherings. Many recipes like the one shown in this months Sunset Magazine by Tyler Florence show you how to do it but its soooo complicated...first, soak the wood chips then get briquettes ready then smoke ribs then, then, then...blah blah blah. Its just to much for my tiny brain to deal with.

I wish most recipes would not leave out the fact that you can do an awesome fall off the bone rib in your oven at home. You will get the same BBQ taste with about 10 less steps. I have been perfecting my sticky rib recipe for a while now. I think they are pretty dang good not to mention easy!

Recipe here

Try them out for the 4th... I promise no one will know you didn't even turn on the BBQ.

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