Summertime smoothies

The other day my friend Mike asked me how I make smoothies. They may seem simple but in my experience getting the ice to fruit ratio just right takes some practice.

I have 2 secret weapons when it comes to the perfect smoothie

1. Only use frozen fruit because then you don't have to add ice at all. You can really use any type you want but I am in LOVE with "Mangolicious" from Trader Joes. Its a blend of frozen mango, raspberries and blueberries. YUM!

2. You need a great blender. I have the Breville Icon which is seriously the most amazing blender EVER. It makes quick work of anything and everything you want to blend and even has a smoothie setting which is awesome. If you don't have a super powered blender its no problem. By using frozen fruit rather then ice you don't need to worry about your blender having to chop the ice which can be problematic.

My tried and true recipe is 3 cups frozen fruit, 3 cups milk and 1 tbs sugar. Its thick but not so much that you cant drink it. Enjoy!! {makes about 3 good size smoothies}


  1. have you tried substituting milk for frozen yogurt? that TJ frozen fruit mix sounds deelish!!!

  2. I use the Light n Fit vanilla yogurt. It tastes good, is good for you, and no added sugar :)