STK product review: CDN digital cooking thermometer with probe and timer

I cant even explain how much easier cooking is when you have an awesome thermometer. I have the CDN digital cooking thermometer with probe and timer and it is my little kitchen soldier....he makes sure my roasts, chickens or whatever are cooked perfectly every time!

This little gadget has it all

Temperature range: 14 degrees to 392 degrees F
Digital thermometer, timer with oven test feature
Count up and down timer
Cord, probe and clip for candy making

My favorite feature is that I can set a temperature range and it will beep at me when my item hits that range. The probe cord is long enough where I can snake it out of the oven and leave the timer sitting on the counter. It takes the guess work out of cooking whole roasts, turkeys, chickens etc. I never have a dry bird or a raw roast. Amen to that!

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