Mini lamb burgers with couscous and yogurt sauce

This is a recipe i've adapted over time to make my own.



1lb ground lamb (usually buy from Luckys)
Ground cumin
Olive oil
Plain yogurt
Cucumber (chopped into bite size pieces)

For the burgers:
Form into small patties. I can usually get 6 from 1lb of ground lamb. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle on the cumin. I like to do it pretty heavy because it gives good flavor. S&P as desired. Grill on BBQ or can put under oven broiler (I prefer the BBQ taste better).
When mini burgers are done. Let rest while preparing the couscous (follow package directions)

For yogurt sauce:
I usually just eyeball this so I dont have measurements. You cant really mess this one up.
In a small bowl combine plain yogurt, cucumber pieces and feta. Add lemon juice for a little tartness. S&P as desired. Can be prepared ahead of time.

Serve mini lamb burgers on top of couscous with a dollop of yogurt sauce. Can also serve burgers inside a pita if desired.

This recipe is awesome and so easy.
Totally husband approved (he would eat this every night if I let him)

{Serve with}
couscous and yogurt sauce
pita or naan
*can add chopped tomato to couscous but I dont.


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  1. Love the Blog... you go... this recipe must be a "Kiwi" thing... because we make it at 553 Miller too (and it is always a hit)... gotta add the Whitlocks Mint Sauce though... it really is the finishing touch... I bring it back with me from NZ... along with Cadbury, Watties Tomatoe Sauce, Lemon and Paeroa (if I can get that past customs!) etc. etc.